Need. Help. Processing. Feelings.

Oh jeez … here we go.  As Steiny noted, per Jay Glazer (AKA Rex Ryan’s offseason mouth), Tim Tebow is heading to New York to become a New York Jet.

Honestly? It seemed like such a longshot to happen, that I rode the media wave, but thought it would crash on the Jacksonville beach and that would be that.  Not so.  It’s like the guy who proposes to a chick he knows he needs to lock down, but she’s not all that serious … it’s such a surprise … too much to process …

… I think we just need some time m’kay?

In theory, adding Tebow to the Tony ‘The Wildcat Whisperer’ Sparano’s offense only helps diversify the offense while allowing it to remain run focused.  It also takes some pressure off Shonn Greene and will likely keep the Jets out of the BenJarvus Green-Ellis type of additions to the roster that had been rumored.  It also allows them to have a #2 QB who can actually be a part of the on the field offense and add value beyond holding the clipboard.  Of course all this is in theory … and contingent on *IF*  Jets can maintain the expectation that he’s just a piece of the offense, not the mainstay … essentially a spread-option sideshow.

But this is New York.
And this is the Jets
And the New York media covers them.
And we are Jets fans.

As soon as Sanchez has a bad game, you know where this goes.

Please read the Pros/Cons piece I wrote up as we digest this … we need we just need some time?!?