Nnamdi Watch: Why the Wait?

Listening to 98.5 Boston this morning to hear the crowing that might be going on in Boston ovah gettin’ Alllbaaaaaaaaaaaht and Ocho, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Mike Lombardi (TJB’s history with Lombardi has been less than stellar) being interviewed and answering some questions about Nnamdi Asomugha.

First, he noted that the Texans voluntarily pulled out of the running, for fear of being left standing in the game of musical cornerbacks, to take their best shot at one of the younger free agents available. That’s how they landed Johnathan Joseph, formerly of the Bengals, last night. Lombardi said the Texans “made the decision for [Nnamdi].” He also made the point that he thinks Aso would very much like to stay on the West Coast, feeling torn about uprooting since he’s been there for so long between his time at Cal and his career in Oakland.

Then, when asked about why the Aso sweepstakes was taking so long, he offered this nugget.

“When a player [is taking a long time to make a decision] … the money is not there from the team he wants.”

His point was that the Jets don’t have the sort of money Asomugha’s looking for, so it’s making the decision hard for him.  If money wasn’t an issue, he’d have signed.  So it’s assumed he’s looking to see how many dollars other teams like the Niners, and even the Raiders, are willing to offer him before he moves on for good.

As far as any chance the Bucs will get in the mix?  The Ledger seems to think so, which I would believe more than a certain self-styled internet hack who was insisting last night that Tampa Bay is out of the running, based on a conversation he had almost a month ago. Adam Schefter is saying that Dallas might be creeping into the mix, but Lombardi denied any interest that Dallas has had, or will have, in the proceedings.

So … basically don’t believe anything.

UPDATE: Of course, basically as soon as we write this, we hear that ESPN’s Adam Schefter just said on SportsCenter that there is an “80 percent” chance that Nnamdi ends up with the Jets.