Opinion: Favre Flavored Rant & Audience Pandering

After this post, I am putting a moratorium on Favre to the Jets talk so get it out in this thread … cathartically release all your pent-up Favrian tension … after that … consider this TJB a Favre-Free zone.

There’s been a lot of talk about whether or not Brett Favre should or should not be a part of the Jets plans.  How surprised would you be to find out that Gary Myers thinks it’s a good idea?  Me neither.  Rumor is that he sat in his stuffy apartment drinking orange juice for a week when the team didn’t draft Matt Leinart.

Would Favre make the team better?  Absolutely.  Are there risks to taking Favre on for a short tenure with the team?  Hells and yes.

Now word comes that golden throated radio king Mike Francessa has “sauces” that are telling him that there were internal discussions on Favre, which Bob Mantz notes he wrote on Bleacher Report, here.

Wow, brilliant work Mike!  The Jets are having internal discussions?  That’s earth shattering news.  You mean the same Jets team that in the last year has had a roster including:

  • Two Olympic wrestling hopefuls
  • A Power Forward from the Virginia Commonwealth Cinderella team
  • A Mexican Wide Receiver with the best name ever … JUAN WONG.

That the team who has left no stone unturned to find roleplayerswould then talk about someone as high-profile as Favre internally is not surprising in the least.  What would be surprising is if they hadn’t considered him at all.  The Sox and Yankees have been rumored to have had talks about Barry Bonds, but as far as I know, haven’t done anything about it.  So whether the Jets had internal discussions is irrelevant.  What remains to be seen is whether or not the team has been in contact with the Packers.

So Mike, please use all your powers of journalism as the bigest radio host in the biggest sports city in the nation to try and see if you can get us some information on that … until such time, leave me alone with your ratings tease nonsense.

Sombrero slant to Bob Mantz Jr. of  Bleacher Report for contacting us about this.