Player Interest List v2.0 – Defensive Front Seven

While we created an earlier version of this list, in large part due to the help of Steiny, this list has absolutely exploded. Now, So look for the rest of the positional groups one by one over the next 24 hours. Make sure to thank Steiny for his hard work in the comments.

While the Jets have interviewed and scouted literally hundresd of players, here’s our best attempt to come up with a list (with links to prove it) that the Jets have had some sort of extended contact with the following players.


NEW DE/OLB Jermaine Cunningham (Florida) 6-4, 266, 4.86 40yd dash
Projection: 3-4 Description: The rumor was that the Jets were one of the team’s very much looking forward to seeing the projected mid-rounder’s Pro Day. Some injuries and lagging numbers in his more recent seasons are causes for concern.

NEW DE/OLB Brandon Graham (Michigan) 6-2, 268, 4.71 40yd dash
Projection: 1 Description: The Jets hosted Graham for a private visit at their facility. Graham might be considered the top 3-4 DE/OLB in this class, but he is on the short side at just under 6-2.

NEW DE/OLB O’Brien Schofield (Wisconsin) 6-2, 221, 4.63 40yd dash
Projection: 7 Description: Visited with the Jets. Blew out his knee at the Senior Bowl practices. Schofield is way undersized, and would likely be a special teamer with some passing down abilities.

OLB Ricky Sapp (Clemson) 6-4, 245, 4.66 40yd dash
Projection: Rd 2 Description: Had an ACL tear in 2008 that limited his 2009 production, scouts concerned that he can only play 4-3 end (going forward not backwards).

OLB Jason Worilds (Virginia Tech) 6-1, 254, 4.49 40yd dash
Projection: Rd 3 Description: Visits scheduled with Jets and is being looked at by mostly 3-4 teams.

NEWOLB Junior Galette (Stillman) 6-2, 257, 4.77 40yd dash
Projection: UDFA Description: The Jets have “[shown]interest in Galette.” Galette transfered to Stillman from Temple for a team misconduct issue. Prospect who needs to learn to play with his hand up and in coverage.

NEW LB/FB Blair Bines (Rutgers) 6-0, 259, 4.95 40yd dash
Projection: UDFA Description: Local prospect, the Jets worked out Bines at fullback and linebacker.

NEW LB Damaso Munoz (Rutgers) 5-11, 222, 4.54 40yd dash
Projection: Rd 7 Description: Jets scheduled a a visit with Munoz on March 9. Came out of same program as Jamal Westerman.

NEW LB Daryl Washington (TCU) 6-2, 230, x.xx 40yd dash
Projection: Rd x Description: Had a private meeting set up with the New York Jets.

NEW ILB Sean Lee (Penn State) 6-2, 236, 4.71 40yd dash
Projection: 2 Description: A highly touted recruit out of the Pittsburgh area, Lee is the next in the line of backers coming out of Penn State. Worked out for the Jets.

DE Chris McCoy (Middle Tennessee State) 6-3, 298, 4.85 40yd dash
Projection: Undrafted Description: Likely an undrafted player, the Jets and a number of other AFC teams did attend his pro day.

DE Sean Lissemore (William & Mary) 6-3, 298, 4.85 40yd dash
Projection: Undrafted? Description: Workout scheduled with the Jets, had metrics of 30″ vert and 9′8″ broad jump, along with 36 reps at 225. Known for his speed and obvious upper body strength, Lissemore can penetrate backfields, but would be a raw project.

DE Jared Odrick (Penn State) 6-5, 304, 4.93 40yd dash
Projection: 1-2 Description: Scheduled to visit with the Jets on 4/5. Odrick is a plus penetrator, who needs refinement on his pass rush and run stopping skills, but looks to be an impressive player at the NFL level.

NEW DE Jeffery Fitzgerald (Kansas State) 6-4, 270, 4.83 40yd dash
Projection: Rd 6-7 Description: A Combine snub, Fitzgerald met with the Jets (and Pats) at length during his Pro Day workout. He tested very well during his Pro Day.

DE Corey Peters (Kentucky) 6-3, 301, 4.90 40yd dash
Projection: Rd 3 Description: Visits scheduled with Jets and is being worked out by the Patriots too. Peters needs some coaching to play with a lower center, but has all the athletic skills to be an NFL tackle.

NEW DE Doug Worthington (Florida) 6-5, 292, 4,95 40yd dash
Projection: 6-7 Description: Worthington had a private workout scheduled with the Jets, and has impressed scouts during his Pro Day. He could be a solid run stopping linemen, but he doesn’t have the skill set to be an effective pass-rusher on a play in and out basis.

NEW DE Corey Wootton (Northwestern) 6-6, 270, 4,92 40yd dash
Projection: 2-3 Description: Had a visit with the Jets. Wootton suffered a knee injury which effectively kept him from being a top 40 pick in 2009. He returned to NW for one more year, and recovered well from his injury over the course of the 2009 season.

NT Terrence Cody (Alabama) 6-4, 348 5.62 40yd dash
Projection: Late 1st Description: Saban brought Cody in, namely to be the tackle in the 3-4 system. While there’s been conditioning concerns about Cody (there always are for guys this big), Cody is the protypical 3-4 DT, which is a rare find for any 3-4 team, and with more and more teams going to this front, it’s getting increastingly hard to select them early in a draft. Rex Ryan himself attended this Pro Day.

DT Kade Weston (Georgia) 6-5, 315, 5.0 40yd dash
Projection: Rd 6-7 Description: Is garnering interest from 3-4 teams, had a good 40 time and and has long arms and showed well during his Pro Day DL drills.

NEW ILB Vincent Rey (Duke) 6-0, 242,
Projection: Rd 5-6 Description: Spent extensive time at his Pro Day with Jets scouting staff.

NEW DT Cordarrow Thompson (Virginia Tech) 6-2, 312, 5.19 40yd dash
Projection: UDFA Description: Jets “monitored” Thompson closely during the Pro Day. Known as a run stuffer

Analysis: Base pressure is an issue for the Jets. While Rex disguised his blitzes well in 2009, he has to want more of a push from the three “hands-down” players, along with his “front five.” The Jets are looking for players who can get penetration from that base package into opponents’ backfields. My guess is that the Jets are placing more of an emphasis on DL at the very top of the draft (Cody, Odrick) versus the hybrid linebackers (Worilds, Sapp) with Gholston still a ballooning question mark.