Remember Schotty’s One-Year Extension? It’s Actually TWO

Last week, everyone (myself included) were flipping out about the news around Brian Scottenheimer’s contract extension.  On Sunday morning during the Ian O’Connor Show on ESPN 1050, Rich Cimini admitted his surprise at the public backlash to the news of the story.  His point was that it didn’t mean the team wouldn’t fire Schotty, just that it would cost them money to do so.

Apparently, it looks like if the team was to fire their OC, it will cost them even more money as right before the game Sunday, this little nugget was put forth by Adam Schefter of ESPN.

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So folks, not one year … but TWO.  The team extended Brian Schottenheimer two years.  One year, I get.  It’s just covering the bases.  But two years?  Two years to me indicates a much more serious intent to keep him longer-term.  Two years indicates more serious approval of the job he has been doing. 

Does it matter to you? Or has your indignation already run it’s course?

While I thought that the news might have come from Schotty’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, originally to Cimini.  With Schefter’s clarification, it’s clear that this latest bit most certainly came from Schotty’s agent.