Revis "Furious" with contract offer

According to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post Revis is NOT HAPPY with the jets and making comparisons to the Baker and Kendall fiascos.

“One more on Revis: He is accusing #Jets of deliberately leaking false report that he wants $20M/year to make him look like the bad guy.”

“Revis is telling friends that this compares to the Kendall, Baker, Coles and Leon situations in terms of the #Jets breaking promises.”

“Revis tells friends he feels the #Jets are breaking their promise by lowballing him so severely with their latest offer.”

Revis is furious with the #Jets but won’t say it because “his actions always speak louder than his words,” according to source.

I was told the #Jets‘ recent offer to Revis was pitifully low relative to his stature as arguably the league’s top corner.

Revis wants more than the #Raiders‘ Nnamdi Asomugha, who is the #NFL‘s highest-paid CB at $16.2M/year. The #Jets‘ offer was nowhere close.

A source close to Revis told me he’s skipping OTAs because he was thoroughly insulted by the #Jets‘ recent offer. This is getting ugly fast.

Not good to hear! I was willing to give the FO a pass on the other two guys because I thought they were not the most team oriented guys. But if Revis is “furious” than I think Tanny has to take some heat on this. If Revis thinks the Jets leaked the 20 million figure I could see that being a major point of contention. That is a major breach of trust and a low class thing to do to Revis, especially since Tanny said he was “a top priority.” I know you can’t just give him 20 million but I am hoping this is not being handled in the manor Hubbuch is hearing.