Revis Out, Pace Maybe and A Little Something About Martin Tevaseu

FLORHAM PARK–No real surprises today. Darrelle Revis won’t play. He’ll stay home, along with Jamaal Westerman and Wayne Hunter.

Revis did participate in individual drills for the first time today, but I think they are very nervous about putting him in and then having him suffer a set-back, which would take him out for weeks.

As for Calvin Pace, Rex Ryan said he might play but that it would most likely be a game time decision.

Trevor Pryce was on the field, but don’t expect too much from him this week. Mike Pettine said yesterday it would be strictly situational. Mostly third downs. I would think limited at that. I spoke to a friend who covers the Ravens and he said that he felt the Jets may be expecting too much from Pryce at this point even in the limited role, that his useful playing days are well behind him. I guess we can only wait and see how things play out.

No word yet on who the team will release on Monday when Santonio Holmes returns and when they, supposedly, re-sign Howard Green. I would think Patrick Turner is a good bet. I don’t know that they’d release both Turner and Clowney.

I spoke with Martin Tevaseu (who the team has nicknamed “MTV”). Not particularly a player of note, especially since he’s on the practice squad, however, his ability to make the team, even in that capacity, was pretty impressive.

What those of us in the press box first noticed him was his hair. It’s long and very curly and bushy when he doesn’t have it pulled back. It covers about half of his name on his jersey.

The defensive lineman was signed by Cleveland as an undrafted free agent in May after playing for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After the Browns released him, the Jets signed him, but then Tevaseu broke his hand early in training camp, something called a “boxer break.” He had it wrapped in a huge club every day. That’s not the easiest thing for a defensive lineman to navigate with, especially a rookie who’s still finding his way and learning technique. But, Tevaseu came out every day and worked.

It did not go unnoticed by Ryan and his staff. The head coach commented on Tevaseu several times over the course of training camp and the preseason.

“He never takes a play off,” Ryan said back in August. “One day I was counting them and I was just waiting to see how many guys would rest before him. He ran down on 10 kickoffs as a show team guy. Most guys, when you’re a d-lineman and you can’t grab anyone, you’re pretty much done.”

“I was worried at first,” Tevaseu said. “It’s hard to play in the trenches, especially at nose tackle, with one hand.”

However, his tenacity was one of the main things that got him his job. “I just went out with the mindset that there were no excuses and I just had to do my job,” Tevaseu said. “It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. When they told me I’d made the team, they told me that that was one of the things they liked about me.”

There was one moment where Tevaseu thought he hadn’t measured up. The day final cuts were made he was told, like many others, to bring in his playbook. This is standard practice even if the team plans to re-sign a player to the practice squad because they have to wait for him to clear waivers. As it turned out, that wasn’t the end for him, it was just the beginning.

His hand is now healed and the club is gone. He’s a quiet guy who just goes about his business every day.

Rob Turner, who faces Tevaseu every day in practice and has watched him develop over the past couple of months, said, “He couldn’t grab with [the hand], but he did a good job of adapting and playing as best he could with one hand. He tries to give guys a good look in practice and tries to get better.”