Rex Ryan's N(otoriously) F(un) L(eague)?

Rex Ryan has a problem.  His offense isn’t fun enough.

“I would like to see us more enthusiastic,” Ryan said. “On defense if a guy makes a play, 50 guys are running in from the sideline going crazy. I want the same kind of enthusiasm, and Tony talked about it [yesterday] to the offense. Chaz Schilens had an unbelievable catch and one guy goes over and gives him a high-five. This is a game and it’s football and it’s fun.”

The offense showed a little more spunk in yesterday’s practice, possibly because fans were permitted to watch practice for the first time. The offense has spent the spring trying to learn Sparano’s offense and looks a bit tighter than the defense.

Maybe this is some gripping evidence to the reason why I became a blogger, but if there’s one thing that I hate, it’s when people try to manufacture ‘fun.’

Hey guys!!! Let’s have fun!!!!  Isn’t this sooooo fun?!?  Wheee!!! Aren’t we having fun talking about the fun that we’re currently having?!?!

I have a suggestion.  Maybe Ryan needs to get Adam Sandler to come to practice?


Alas … I couldn’t find an Adam Sandler gibberish supercut, so please enjoy this Adam Sandler freakout supercut in it’s stead (NSFW language).

Either fun is being had, or it’s not. Either the offensive players are fun, or they aren’t.  I get that Ryan wants his guys to enjoy themselves, I respect that Ryan wants them to embrace the game they played for the pure joy of it as kids, but I just wonder about forcing something if it’s not there.  The offense was a black cloud for the Jets last year and maybe for that reason Ryan is trying to bring some levity to the group.  But maybe that’s overcompensating?

As far as we’ve been told, last year’s issues are just that, so why try to add a veneer to something that Ryan admitted he didn’t have a good “pulse” of last season?  I think there’s two schools of thought here.  First, that the offense should be whatever it will be so that Ryan plainly knows what he’s dealing with and face it head-on.  Second, that Ryan is trying to plot a course now and set the tone for the group to mitigate any serious issues down the road by taking smaller corrective actions as they come up.  If that means forcing some stuff now, better he do that than deal with large fallouts later.

Winston Hadaway
Winston Hadaway

Marc Gasol would make a great addition to the Knicks!!


Giants mock: 3 rounds

1. Taylor lewan, Zach Martin, or Mike Evans

2. Stan. Jean baptiste, Stephon Tuitt, Sua-FILO

3. Carlos Hyde, Troy Nicklas,


IMO, there are Only 3, 1st round CB,

i Don't think Darqueze is a 12th Pick CB,

the GIANTs should Wait til the 3rd,

then Go Back-to-Back CB in the 4th... 

it's a Passing League....

they will have Plenty to pick from,

CB L. Purifoy, Florida 6' 190lbs...

CB B. Breeland, Clemson 6' 185lbs..

CB V. Hampton, S. Carolona ( SEC) 5'10" 204lbs

*****CB S. Jean-Bap, Nebraska 6'3", 215lb's....

*****CB K. McGill, Utah 6'3", 212lb's......

CB T. Mitchell, Oregon 6', 190lb's...

CB J. Watkins, Florida 6', 195lb's....

CB E.J. Gaines, Missouri (SEC)5'11", 195lb's...

3rd & 4th Round CB Selection will be Very Good,

with 2, SEC, CB's and,

6 over 6 feet Tall,

and 2 @ 215lb's.... 

1. OT - 2. OC/OG - 3. CB - 4. CB - 5. RB 6. TE


This Post,

is Old School Abbott & Costello,

the DEFENSE improved for ONLY 1 REASON...

LB J. BEASON------------------

BEASON's, SAVY QUICK Reads put him in Position to Stuff the RUN,

(this Had ZERO to do with FeWell & his System,

100% LB Beason imposing his WILL !!! )

This Set-Off a Chain Reaction---

Now, the $9 Million Dollar Man,

could take his eyes out of the BackField,

and BALL HAWK !!!!! Which He DID !!!!

QB's held the ball a LiL'Longer,

D-Line men got that extra second or 2, they Needed...

END of STORY--- REMEMBER this really a 4-12 Team---

so the DEFENSE, REGRESSed !!!

T2 IMO, was the NFL " COMEBACK... Player of the Year "

BTW, Mr.F---

T2 was Drafted in the 2nd round,

with the  32nd Pick !!! in the 2008th Draft...

as well as WR Mario Manningham,

was the Last Pick of the 3rd round....

Making your Theory, that you can't DRAFT,

GOOD FOOTBALL Players after winning the SuperBowl, a LiL'Soft....


The giants need good offensive linemen more than corner backs.

They need a lot, but a good Oline = a good running game, and an extra second for Eli to get of a pass.


Get Dennard He is good. 


What do corners have to do with tight ends?  The Seattle safeties are built like linebackers and hit like them.  The Giant safeties are undersized so that is a bad comparison.  So what you are saying, is the Giants have no idea how to draft.  Frankly, the Giant corners can't tackle, but they also can't cover, so they are deficient in every aspect of their game.  I have asked about this before and been rebuffed on here.  What makes Prince a top flight corner?  I think he is overrated.  He's not a pro bowl type back, and in most games I watch, he plays a very soft corner and gives up a ton of plays in front of him.  Just about any corner can do that.

Overall, the defensive numbers this year were, imho, somewhat deceptive because of that run of games after the 0-6 start where they faced a bunch of terrible third string QBs and really didn't even do that great a job against them.  There is very little top flight talent on this defense.

Andrew Vazzano
Andrew Vazzano moderator

@beerisgood This seems to be a bug where our Giants comments are mirrored here. I will look into this. Thanks!

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

If you look at the dates from those comments they're actually from Feb. I don't know how that keeps happening sporadically but it does. I should've known when I saw how many comments there were in this post something was up as this blog has just completely died. Not sure what happened with that either.


@beerisgood Yeah and just to the left is a link to the GIANTS BLOG…and they could use some people to comment in their comments section.

Why are people talking Giants here? They don't even play in NY

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@jaymanjay  I know Taylor Lewan has been on a few mock drafts recently. However; Taylor Lewan has been projected by many scouts to be a RT at the pro level. So if that is the case; I doubt the Giants draft him in the 1st round. Also, I doubt the Giants will draft a OT in the 1st round and expect him to protects Mannings blind side as a rookie, that's a lot to ask from a rookie. The Giants only have 6 picks in the draft (not counting possible compensatory pick or picks). However; the Giants do have roughly $20M+ cap space and possibly more if they void out a couple of more contracts (which has been mentioned). I would think that GM Reese will think outside the box and possibly sign a LT and another OL in free agency. I can also see Reese drafting maybe 2 OL (depending on what he does in free agency) in rounds 3-6 (lots of solid centers projected in those rounds). Also, I doubt very much that Stephon Tuitt  will last until the 2nd round. Also, Stanly Jean Baptiste (unless he has a tremendous combine) will most likely be available in round 3 and or 4.

A lot depends on free agency (March 11). Giants will re-sign players from their roster and should sign a few others to fill a need. My gut tells me that Reese will most likely draft defense in round 1/unless an offensive player (that fills a need) projected to go in top 6 falls into their lap.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@Skookaloop The Giants have only 6 picks in the draft (not counting the possibility of compensatory picks) so I doubt they will draft OL in the 1st and 2nd rounds. Remember, they can always sign an OL in free agency as they currently will have roughly over $20M in cap space. That number could grow higher if the decide to void additional contracts.  


@hashburry  .... Agreed. And because of that defensive mirage, Fewell is still with this team. Big mistake.


@Michael Stewart @jaymanjay  

FREE AGENT OT are very Costly, 

a 1st Round OT is NEEDed for ELI...

a 2nd Round OC/OG Would also be Very Nice...

that $20M + Cap will have $6M in Dead Money,

making it $14M+ Cap,

then Signing the Draft Class $5M,

We are Already down to $9M...

and have 29 Players who where on 1 year Contracts Last year...

That $9M Cap will DISAPPEARER fast...

LB J. Beason will be the TOP Get for REESE,

but i think he gets a Better Deal with the RedSkins or Dallas....


Beside signing a center in free agency and possibly a running back and tight end ( look at whoever comes off the packers team for the new offensive coordinator), the giants will need to talk a OT in the first round if they plan on serious upgrading. Free agency is not the place to pick up tackles because they are usually way over priced or washed up that's why it is a prime position that is almost always selected in the top of the draft. Furthermore, unlike many positions offensive linemen are way more safe selections a more likely to make an immediate impact especially a top flight OL. So what if Lewan is a RT he is an upgrade over Pugh and Pugh can move inside with his short arms. The entire line needs upgrading. Again the only reason not to go offensive line at 12 is if a stud WR like mike Evans falls to them. Either way the first pick should be one that benefits Eli either with another legit weapon or protection.

Also you talked able 20 mil plus cap room. Remember beason? tuck? Joseph? I believe the giants will want these guys back and Joseph is probably the best DT on the free agent market. So plenty of money will go to him. Given Reese's track record I feel way more comfortable with Reese selecting the guys this team needs early than relying on him to pick good selections in the middle rounds where he has been horrible.