Ryan Spending More Time With His Defense

Will Rex be spending more time with his defense this season?  Sounds like it according to Darrelle Revis and David Harris who say that they’ve already seen an upswing in the amount of time that Ryan spends around the unit so far this spring according to the Post.

Ryan has said he wants to be more involved with the defense this season, and cornerback Darrelle Revis and inside linebacker David Harris said Monday that it’s noticeable already.

Revis said Ryan was less of a presence with the defense last season than in his first two years as Jets coach.


“He’s been in our defensive meetings a little bit more so far,” Harris said. “It’s still the offseason but in our installs the last two weeks he’s been more hands on coaching little points here and there and asking guys if they understand it, younger guys. I think it’s going to be a plus for us.”

There were a few reasons why Ryan spent less time on the defense last year than he had in years past.  First and probably least importantly, Ryan had made it clear he wanted Pettine to own the defense more this past year.  It would make sense that if he didn’t want to be breathing down Pettine’s neck, but as I recall he ended up getting more involved with playcalling towards the end of the season anyway – even if he was around the defense less … which is sort of odd.

Ryan also made it known going into 2011 that he wanted to spread his time around the team more last season, which he did.  Of course, he spent more time managing his Offensive Coordinator who he was not on the same page with, so it would make sense that he went where he felt like he was needed more.  Either way, the team was more successful when Rex was more involved with the defense, so maybe he sees it as a “if it ain’t broke” situation, coupled an OC whom he feels like he has more closely tied offensive ideals … which lets him be more inolved in defense.