Salary Cap: Could the Jets Sign Dunta Robinson?

Just a quick update in response to Rich Cimini’s latest blog entry where he says:

I see some web sites saying the Jets could be interested in CB Dunta Robinson, who will be a UFA. Read the free-agent rules; it can’t happen!

On the face of it, the fact that they’d have to lose a UFA with an equivalent salary would seem to rule it out, but actually, it could happen, because only the first year cap numbers need to match. I’m not necessarily endorsing the move, but here was a comment I posted the other day which shows that the Jets probably can afford a UFA in Robinson’s likely price range, even without any cap gymnastics, such as using a completion bonus in the second year to potentially get round the 30% rule:

Here’s a crude example of how they could get a Dunta Robinson:

Let’s say Lito Sheppard gets a 2 year 5m deal with 3m in the first year, so the first year has to match with 3m.

Dunta gets 9m signing bonus, 6 year contract (so it counts 1.5m against the cap each year).

In year one he would get a salary of 1.5m and then this could increase by 30% a year.

The total contract would work out to be 6 years, 29m (does that sound like it would be enough?) and the money he would physically receive would be:

Year one – 10.5m
Year two – 2m
Year three – 2.6m
Year four – 3.4m
Year five – 4.4m
Year six – 5.7m

If the Jets cut him at any point, the dead money would be 1.5m x the number of years remaining.

So, barring any craftiness, they aren’t going to be able to get a Peppers, but might be able to figure something out for a second tier free agent such as Robinson.

All this assumes the cap will return in more or less the same format in 2011.

We’ll continue to try and stay on top of these issues for you…