Schottenheimer: Reading the Options

We know many of you are refreshing this blog, scouring New York newspaper websites or trying to freebase Twitter — all in the attempt to furiously find updates on whether or not Brian Schottenheimer has suckered some other team into employing his services.  We know this has become part of your daily ablutions that have become this offseason … we know you are doing it, because we are doing it to.

The Jets are clearly trying to be thrifty about his contract, but let’s face it, the Jets were – in the kindest terms – unwise to extend him. With that in mind, let’s pause and look at all the potential rumblings that might impact Schottenheimer’s future with the Jets.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers — An odd location to start with, but it’s been reported that Marty is in the running with a number of veteran head coaches.  The thought here is that if Marty gets the job, he’ll bring his son along as his Offensive Coordinator.  Brian has the greatest respect for his father and while Schotty’s dad helped him get the QB Coaching gig in San Diego, I think there’s a degree to which Schotty is trying to establish himself as an NFL coach without the help of nepotism.  If he wants to be a head coach (which he clearly does) then he needs to avoid working for his dad, for fear of becoming the next Kyle Shannahan.
Possibility – Very unlikely.

Jacksonville Jaguars — Schottenheimer interviewed last Friday with the Jaguars, potentially in the New York area, since the team owner was in New York that day.  There’s a number of other candidates for the job, Mike Mularkey was high on the list, but maybe most notably Carolina OC Rob Chudzinsky.  Chud of course just navigated Cam Newton to an insane rookie season, so it seems hard to argue with his recent resume over Schotty’s.
Possibility – Unlikely 

University of Florida Gators — There’s been a bit of a stop/start vibe to this opportunity for Schottenheimer, who transferred to Florida as a backup QB during Spurrier’s tenure with the goal of becoming a coach.  A few years as an OC at Florida could put him in good stead to become a Head Coach at the college level.  Initially it was thought that he was not interested in the job … then he was … but only after his interview with the Jaguars.  This tells me two things: 1) Schottenheimer is most likley out of the running for the Jags job and 2) he’s seriously considering moving to the college level because he knows he’s worn out his welcome in New York.
Possibility – Likely

New York Jets — I know that no one wants to hear it, but it seems to me that this is the most likely outcome.  No one is dying to “hire him away” from the Jets, and so it’s going to be left to the Jets to make the decision for themselves.  In some sick and perverse way, I almost want it to come to this.  I don’t want to see the Jets get left off the hook on this decision.  I want to when all the SEC powerhouses lose interest, when all the mustachioed crackpot owners of NFL backwaters, when all daddy’s opportunities dry up … what are the Jets going to do?  Do they blame their OC for the issues of the offense, or do they truly believe he’s the man to try and take Mark Sanchez to the next level?  The Jets thought they were clever in extending him, and the Jets think they are clever in trying to shake him loose without footing his $3.2 million salary.  Somehow I think Schottenheimer is going to have the last laugh.
Possibility — Very likely