Hope You’re a Masochist: Schotty Was Extended Last Year

Feeling good? Have a nice dinner yesterday? Enjoying your time off with family and friends? Get a nice doorbuster deal at Best Buy? Relaxing in your Snuggie watching college football?

Really enjoying yourself today?


Rich Cimini just reported today that Brian Schottenheimer was ‘quietly extended’ last offseason.

After reaching the AFC Championship Game for the second straight year, the New York Jets quietly extended the contract of offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer last offseason, ESPNNewYork.com has learned.

According to a source, the embattled Schottenheimer is under contract through at least the 2012 season, meaning any decision on his future will involve financial considerations. Typically, the Jets try to avoid lame-duck situations with their coordinators and assistant coaches.

*rubs hands over face in utter disbelief*

Of course they did. Why tell anyone that their AWESOME Offensive Coordinator is staying longer? I mean, everyone loves him, right?? Who wouldn’t want to hear about that?!?

All I will say for right now is this: if extending the team’s Offensive Coordinator is something that needs to be kept quiet, then that’s all anyone need know about how untenable his role with the Jets is, and has been for going on two years.

This is going to be a bloodbath in the comments.

Cap tip to SSX Tricky for the heads up.