Snubbed Curtis Martin is Not Surprisingly, Gracious

Well Curtis Martin didn’t get into the Hall of Fame last night.  Disappointing? Yes.  Shocking? As I explained yesterday … no. Unbowed, Curtis Martin issued a statement about the way things turned out.

“I think the voting committee did a great job selecting the 2011 class. If I were a part of the committee I can’t say that I would have voted any differently. I’m not being modest at all, but I truly don’t feel that there’s anyone in this year’s class that I should have bested in the voting process. Of course I would have loved to get in this year but, number one the inductees truly deserved it, number two there’s always next year! I thank you all for the recognition and congratulations to this year’s inductees!”

Earlier in the evening, Martin tweeted about the possibility of being inducted next year with his former coach, Bill Parcells, who returns to the ballot after a 10-year absence:

"Hypothetically, if I were to get in next year with Parcells (my mentor), I would be glad I didn’t make it this year."

Sad for Curtis, but I know he’s such a genuinely good guy about his enthusiasm for the others, that it only makes me want to get him into the Hall more.  If he were inducted at the same time as Parcells?  That would  be pretty cool, and I hope that’s the way it goes down.  Next year, we’re going to mobilize and help get Martin into the Hall, guerilla style.  That’s a promise.