So Far, So Good

FLORHAM PARK–By now you’ve seen or heard the news that Darrelle Revis’ hamstring might not be 100% after all. Revis said last week that he wouldn’t play unless it was. However, he said it was sore throughout the entire game and Rex Ryan said today that there was also swelling after the game. It will be interesting to see how this gets handled.

The Jets play at Denver this week and then they have their bye week. If Revis sits against the Broncos that would give him another two solid weeks of rest. Hamstring injuries nag if they’re not dealt with correctly. It’s starting to look like this could be one of those if they don’t really get it back to 100%.

Calvin Pace had a good game, although Ryan said he was also very sore. But, with one-and-a-half sacks I think it’s safe to say he’s back for good. The entire linebacker corps must be breathing a huge sigh of relief at that.

Anybody notice Howard Green getting loose on Brett Favre? Almost had him.

Mark Sanchez has yet to throw an interception. Last year at this time he already had five, on his way to 20. However, Ryan spoke today about the fact that Sanchez didn’t have his best game. His accuracy wasn’t what it could or should be.

Santonio Holmes had a couple of nice catches and did provide what the team hoped – he added to the arsenal of weapons, making everyone more difficult to cover. He and Sanchez need a little more work on their timing, which will come. They were very in sync during training camp.

After the game, Shonn Greene was happy about his first touchdown of the year, but is still looking for more carries. He credited John Conner with providing the key block.  “John made a great block and I just went off his butt,” he said. I turned to Conner who was sitting at the next locker to confirm what Greene said and Conner laughed and said that Greene did, in fact say “butt” and not “back.” All the technical speak you can handle here at TJB.

Yes, Dwight Lowery should have knelt down after he intercepted that ball, which he admitted, but he said he was going on instinct. Ryan backed him up today saying that their normal procedure is “Get Down Victory” so that they don’t turn the ball back over. However, “When you jump a flat route, it’s a touchdown,” Ryan said. And it was. The first of Lowery’s career.

How about Nick Folk? He’s the first Jets kicker since Pat Leahy in 1984 to kick five field goals in a home game. He didn’t even know that until I told him. It also happens to be the same year Folk and long snapper Tanner Purdum were born. Purdum actually interjected that bit of information as I was telling Folk. As for the 53-yarder, which equaled his career long, he said that he had kicked a 58-yarder going in that direction before the game started so he was pretty confident when it was time to do it for real. The rain created a little extra suspense with everything, but all’s well that ends well. Of the three specialists, Folk, Purdum and Weatherford, Weatherford seemed to be the most excited by the whole thing. He has worked very hard on his holding.

Drew Coleman is fine. He was very low-key when talking about the first sack of his career. But that’s Coleman, he’s always a pretty even-keeled guy no matter what’s going on. You have to imagine that the other teams that the Jets are going to face the rest of the year are now madly cutting up film of him to study in depth.

A nice moment around 1:00 a.m in the post-game locker room. Marty Schottenheimer was in there, as he frequently is, waiting for Brian. LaDainian Tomlinson came walking across the room, saw Marty, walked over and gave him a big hug. One big happy family.