Swiss Army Tebow?

When Rex Ryan said a few weeks back that Tebow would be used in as many as 20 plays a game, it raised the suspicions of many.  Last night the Jets starting Left Guard Matt Slauson talked to reporters at a charity event for Our Time about the Jets offense.

He will be used as an H-Back, a fullback and as a running back, ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reported Monday morning.

And, oh yes, special teams coach Mike Westhoff is planning to use Tebow as the “personal protector” on the punt team.

Slauson said the plan, under new coordinator Tony Sparano, is to go back to the offense they ran in 2009 and 2010 — Ground and Pound.

“You guys will be really surprised by what Mark’s going to do this year,” he said. “The way we’re going to be running things plays right into Mark’s strengths, running the ball. It’ll be very similar to what we did in Rex (Ryan’s) first two years, very much a style like that — heavy run, heavy play action and whipping out a deep ball every now and again. That’s all the stuff Mark does really well.”

I’m not sure, but praising Mark Sanchez’s ability to have an offense run the ball sounds like the backhandedest of compliments to me.

Even so, it’s good that the Jets are going to go back to what’s proven successful and then try to keep defenses honest with their “chunk” plays … kind of a run-first instead of throw-first Coryell.  As far as Tebow’s role, the fact that he’ll be playing about a third of all offensive snaps and doing so as a pass-catcher/blocking back/ running back is just the sort of role we envisioned for him. Adding him on special teams will also allow for more potential for tricks on punts or kicks (if he holds) which will make it harder for an opponents return units if they have to keep what amounts to an extra blocker up at the line to spy on Tebow.