Thank Jeebus: Patriots Go 18-1


Ahh sweet, sweet justice … FAIL!!!

Living in Massachusetts, this was the best option for me, but I know that for many of you, you are the ones who have to deal with Giants fans on a daily basis, and I sympathize, but admittedly am seeing things from my “what will be more fun for me when I walk into work on Monday?” perspective.  For for those of you who can’t relate, I’m sorry, but as much as I have had to bite my tongue since moving to Boston regarding their sports teams, I am looking forward to the next week of sports radio, TV and print coverage on this most notable collapse of collapses.

Maybe seeing perfection get dashed on the rocks of the fourth quarter makes me wicked for delighting in other’s misfortunes.  Maybe watching Bill Belichick pull a Randy Moss and leave the field before the game finished had me shrieking like a little school girl.  Maybe hearing sob stories on the news that printshops in Boston’s Chinatown printed 19-0 shirts that are now worthless makes me mean-spirited.  Maybe seeing little kids on the news crying in Arizona while leaving the stadium makes me a monster.  Maybe watching the news and (check this video .. it’s fantastic) hearing reports that “grown men” were crying in Boston bars — which papered windows to allow fans to grieve away from the prying eyes of reporters — makes me heartless … so be it … I’ll gladly take all those labels and more, just to see my faint hope realized, and the Patriots choke on the greatest of all stages.

Now, let’s be frank, it’s not like the Jets had anything to do with this.  That credit goes fully and totally to the Giants *shudders* … I think I need a shower … but I can deal with my self-loathing for actually cheering for the Giants on another day. 

And as far as we know, the Jets are still battling back from the reputation of being nothing more than a 4-12 team.  The Jets aren’t a great team, or could even dream to be the greatest, most dominant team in the history of the sport … that’s a long ways away.

But at least the Jets won’t be branded as the greatest team ever to not close the deal.