TiqIQ: The Favre Ticket Premium?


With the Jets sights now firmly set on the next game against Brett Favre and the Vikings, our friends at TiqIQ took a quick look at just what sort of a premium Favre is commanding against the Jets as compared to what it normally looks like on the road for Favre these days. 

While the Bears and Packers games are commanding much higher premiums, the Jets did come in third with the “Favre Bump” compared to the average Jets gameday ticket.

To me what this indicates is that the Jets are interested to see Favre come back to New York, but there’s a lot less vitriol there than those teams in the NFC North that have a longer history with Favre, especially the Packers.   

I think it’s a good sign that folks looking to go to the Jets – Vikings games aren’t necessarily going with the express purpose of heckling Favre.  Jets fans seem to have moved past 2008, which is great news to me.

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