Tomase Fesses Up, Massarotti Covers Up

John Tomase gives his mea culpa today on how everything went wrong for him on his story right before the SuperBowl about the Patriots taping the Rams’ walkthrough. 

For the past few days, Tomase has been facing a lot of heat in New England, and a columnist for his paper the Herald, Tony Massarotti took some of the pressure off by writing a column blasting Patriots fans.  Now I find his column more amusing than anything and knowing my fair share of Patriots’ fans, they don’t all fit this description, just as all Jets fans aren’t all Class B sexual predators trolling Gate D.

… general thoughts on Patriots fans …

“official home of yahoos, hero worshipers and gutless suck-ups.

“Try to discern which members of the media show up to work wearing Patriots Super Bowl jackets, and which of your pathetic, repressed middle-aged neighbors wear their Tedy Bruschi jerseys on Sundays.”

… on use of social media and metaphysical philosophy …

“Meanwhile, take time to wonder if those same neighbors are blogging and posting on message boards while spending hours on hold so they might hear their voices on the radio.

“Listen, mom!

“Just like karaoke!

“These are the people who preserve the sports fantasy world that justifies their own sorry existence.”

… on personal hygiene … 

“Wash your official NFL-licensed Patriots underwear.  After a while, most everything gets dirty.”