Unofficial 2011 Jets Undrafted Free Agent List

In the past we have provided you with coverage when it comes to round eight of the NFL Draft and this year will be no different albeit it will be more chaotic due to the labor dispute which has now put everything into overdrive. Rather than multiple posts, we will be condensing the Jets’ UDFA signings into one article which we will update as information is provided throughout the coming days.

Being that we are at the mercy of sites such as Twitter, JetsDraft and NEPatriotsDraft, things are bound to slip through the cracks and the information may not necessarily be correct, so please be paitent with us. We’ll get it right in the end. In the mean time, sit back and keep refreshing for updates.

Last updated: July 26 — 8:42pm

TE Josh Baker, Northwest Missouri State (H: 6’2″, W: 243 lbs, 40 time: 4.66)
Analysis: Steiny has provided us with an overview of Baker you can view here.

ILB Nick Bellore, Central Michigan (H: 6’1″, W: 252 lbs, 40 time: 4.84)
Analysis: Bellore is a bit small for a player at his position however, he has a high motor and isn’t afraid of contact. He is able to detect the football well and can hold up at the point of attack. Bellore was highly productive in college finishing third on the all-time tackler list with 472. Bellore has struggled to disengage from blocks and will struggle to tackle properly and lacks the speed to recover with receivers.

WR Mike Campbell, Temple (H: 6’2″, W: 210 lbs, 40 time: 4.50)
Analysis: Mike Campbell played well in spots at Temple accumulating 45 receptions, over 700 yards and 6 TDs this past season.  His size will be an asset in the NFL, but what won’t be, is his speed.  With 4.5 speed Campbell is going to have to work on his release and work on his physical play to make an impact on a roster that looks to be stocked at the WR spot.

WR Dan DePalma, West Chester (H: 5’11”, W: 195 lbs, 40 time: 4.43)
Analysis: DePalma is a Division 2 player, but we all know how lower level division players can fare if they have the moxie … just ask Danny Woodhead.  DePalma showed up and caught routes from Eli Manning at one of his spring passing camps, and it seems that no one stopped him from doing so – that shows some moxie.  For a guy his size (under six feet) he has solid 40 times … so while he’s a long-shot to make a roster, he’d be best if he proved himself on special teams first.

TE Collin Franklin, Iowa State (H: 6’5″, W: 252 lbs, 40 time: 4.69)
Analysis: Franklin redshirted his first season with Iowa State and subsequently had a minimal impact in the following years. His break out season came in 2010 when he led the Cyclones with 54 receptions, 530 yards and 3 touchdowns. He was also ranked second in the nation among his counterparts with 4.5 catches per game however this was not enough to garner an invitation to the combine this spring. Franklin’s blocking skills are subpar but his reliable hands, size and willingness to improve will certainly attract the attention of coaches. Franklin has also shown he can line up in the slot or as a true tight end.

OLB Stafford Gatling, Ohio (H: 6’4″, W: 249 lbs, 40 time: 4.84)
Analysis: Coming soon.

OL Tom Ottaiano, Monmouth (H: 6’1″, W: 300 lbs, 40 time: N/A)

Analysis: Coming soon.

CB Julian Posey, Ohio (H: 5’11”, W: 187 lbs, 40 time: 4.48)
Analysis: Posey does well in zone coverage but struggles with man to man as he lacks the ideal physicality and struggles with using his hands and feet against his opponent. He is very speedy and could see work on special teams.

WR Courtney Smith, South Alabama (H: 6’4″, W: 220 lbs, 40 time: N/A)
Analysis: Smith is visiting with the Jets today, according to sources and even his Facebook page. Smith is a prototypical large wideout at 6’4′ 225 pounds.  Smith played in the Senior Bowl and first attended UAB where he played with Vikings QB Joe Webb before tranferring due to academic credit issues.  Smith ran the 40-yard dash in 4.66 and 4.65 seconds at the Crimson Tide Pro Day with a 4.24 short shuttle, a 7.01 three-cone drill, a 32-inch vertical leap and a 9-8 broad jump.  According to sources, Smith had a slow start on both of his 40-yard dashes and one scout told him afterward that based on his splits, he would have had a 4.5 range 40 with a better start.  Quickness and release will be an issue for him.

OG Chris Stewart, Notre Dame (H: 6’5″, W: 351 lbs, 40 time: 5.57)
Analysis: Indicated by the numbers above, Stewart is a massive offensive lineman however he lacks speed and athleticism and has been known to struggle in sustaining blocks and is considered a raw project.


SS Byron Landor, Baylor (H: 6’0″, W: 210 lbs, 40 time: 4.67)
Analysis: Coming soon.

SS Davon Morgan, Virginia Tech (H: 6’0″, W: 196 lbs, 40 time: 4.76)
Analysis: Morgan has been injury plagued throughout his college career and lacks the size to play in the box and the speed to keep pace with receivers down field. He can read routes well and takes good angles.  He’s been in the facility the past couple of days if you look at his Twitter feed.

OG Zane Taylor, Utah (H: 6’3″, W: 313 lbs, 40 time: 5.52)
Analysis: While the move wasn’t officially announced, it’s been noted that Taylor was heading east.  He might not be the most athletic player but he is smart and versatile prospect that could stick to the roster and potentially become a long-term backup for the Jets.  With Hunter returning and Rob Turner on a RFA tender, there might be one more roster spot to allocate to a player like Taylor depending on how his camp goes.