Update: WTF v The Nicky Shuffle

Last week, we asked you whose dance moves were the best between David “Wu Tang Fandango” Clowney and Nick “Nicky Shuffle” Mangold. Well over 700 votes were cast and here are the results:

David Clowney…you got served!

Mangold wins by more than 400 votes as 78% of voters sided with him. Sorry, David…you obviously need to practice a bit more, so Doctor Bent prescribes that you must score a bucketload of Touchdowns this season, to hone your skills.

It’s just as well that Mangold won the contest, because a Clowney win could have kicked off a scandal to rival “Spygate”. Clowney may have tried to put the word out that the dance was called the “Wu Tang” in an attempt to bolster his street cred, but TJB can exclusively reveal that he stole his moves from a far less cutting edge source…(to be revealed after the jump).

And there I was thinking Danny Woodhead was Rudy…