Was It Worse Than He Was Letting On?

Reader Zabado relates something he noticed and thought worth mentioning sharing with you readers about Kris Jenkins during a visit at the end of Jets training camp.

I happened to be at Cortland [during training camp], and saw Kris Jenkins coming into the dining hall for lunch.  The facility is on the second floor, and I watched Kris go up the stairs.  All I read about is how his rehab went great, and that he was 100%, but what I saw was a guy that had a hard time making it up a flight of stairs — holding the railing, and in obvious pain.  Unfortunately, it came as no surprise to see him go down so quickly.  Surely the team knew of his true condition too.  I feel badly for the big guy.

I do too, I would have loved to see him playing a major part in the defensive scheme this year.  I wasn’t there, Zabado was, so I can’t say anything for certain.  What I do know is that this would have been a decent time after the scare that Jenkins had to his knee during camp.

Still, it’s an interesting theory.  Zabado was there towards the end of camp, and who knows what his workout was like that day, or if it was a lingering hit from practice … it could have been anything.  Still when Brett Favre was in New York, during the day of the Chiefs game, I saw him walking from the locker room to the podium shuffling like a 90 year old man.  Somehow he was running around all the same the next weekend.