Channing Crowder As the New Jason Taylor?


Channing Crowder it seems is taking exception to the Jets and their newfound swagger. Crowder apparently had a lot to say, from talking about the Patriots, to expressing his frustration over

”People don’t look at us as a contender and don’t respect us like they should,” Crowder said. ”Guys were telling me how weak our schedule was, how we got lucky and won a lot of close games. . . . The Patriots say they’re the team to beat, but we’re AFC East champions.” Crowder said the Jets’ brashness is ”amazing to me.” Jets safety Kerry Rhodes said on Twitter that ”we will be the best defense in the league! I feel for the offenses we are gonna face.” Jets coach Rex Ryan also spoke boldly.

”They’re still talking junk, Rex Ryan saying they’re the toughest team in the NFL,” Crowder said. “They got a quarterback, but I don’t know how you add toughness with a quarterback [rookie Mark Sanchez]. If they want to be the OTA champions, they can have it. We whupped them last year.”

Sanchez posed in GQ ”talking on the phone,” Crowder said. ”That was very soft-ish.” Crowder said Rhodes ”should worry about his own [off-field] problems” — police are investigating a rape of a woman at Rhodes’ home, but Rhodes is not a suspect.

Here we go …