Final Score: Steelers 19 – Jets 6

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets The Least You Should Know…

The third quarter was where the Jets seemed to let the game get away from them.  In it, the Steelers scored the only touchdown of the game and Geno Smith had an untimely interception in the red zone, keeping them from getting back into the game.

The Jets offense was unable to get into the end zone all day, only putting six points on the board in Nick Folk’s only two attempts of the game.

The Jets were able to get to Roethlisberger, sacking him four times and hitting him a total of eight times, but it was to no avail.  Ben Roethlisberger was key for the Steelers, hitting on 23 out of 30 passes for 264 yards and one score.

The Jets didn’t have an answer for either Heath Miller and Antonio Brown, who  were lethal in the game.  The duo racked up 170 yards on 15 catches against the Jets.

Geno had an off day, totaling 18 completions on 33 attempts for 192 yards and two interceptions for a 46.5 QB rating.

Brian Bassett,

The game was officially over when Jarvis Jones hit Geno Smith with around three minutes left in the fourth quarter and caused an interception across the middle of the field for the second interception of the day, but it felt like the game was lost in the third when the Jets were blanked and the Steelers scored the game’s only touchdown.

This was another tough game for the Jets.  While they did have penalties and turnovers, it’s hard to come up with one very specific aspect that was most to blame.  While the Steelers were unable to run the ball, Big Ben & Steelers passing still got the best of the Jets defense.  Geno was flummoxed by Dick LeBeau’s scheme and he had trouble with the pressures and coverages.  As a result, the Jets were unable to move the ball and resorted to trying to throw themselves out of a losing game, which hasn’t been a consistent strategy for the Jets so far this season.

If the Jets are going to continue to throw the ball as much as they are, they might consider running more hurry-up offense, as it seems to be something that Geno has an affinity for as proven by the late drive against the Falcons and his work before the end of both halves (prior to his second INT).

A trial by fire awaits the Jets as the competition gets more fierce in the coming three weeks: the Patriots at home, at the Bengals and then a home game against the Saints.  If the Jets want to be a contending team this season, the Jets are going to have to win again before their Week 10 bye.

The Jets stay home for a 1PM matchup next Sunday against the division leading New England Patriots, coming off a 4:25 game today against the Saints.