Link: Pennington's Desire to Start Will Lead Him Elsehwhere

Dan Leberfeld is pouring cold water on the idea of reuniting Pennington with the Jets as a backup in 2010.

What about the Jets?

“I’d be shocked if it was the Jets,” said the source.

The source makes a good point about the Pennington-to-the-Jets story. Why would Pennington go to the Jets, a team that didn’t treat him that great later in his tenure with the club?

Pennington always says the right things, but don’t you think he’s still a little ticked off at the Jets for the whole Favre circus in the summer of 2008 when they left him twisting in the wind? And the season before that, he was benched in the middle of the season in favor of Kellen Clemens. Pennington is clearly much better than Clemens.

It would it would [sic] be shocking if Pennington signed with the Jets.

Look for him to sign with a team that will give him a chance to start like Arizona or maybe Minnesota (if Favre retires).

I agree that given a shot to play somewhere, he’d gladly take that over returning to the Jets. But, the operative phrase in this argument by Lebs is “chance to start.” Let’s look at his injury history.

2002: Broken non-throwing hand
2004: Right rotator cuff tear & bone spur (during cuff surgery 2/05) removal
2005: Right rotator cuff tear & surgery

2007: High ankle sprain
2009: Right rotator cuff tear & surgery

How many teams aren’t going to consider this history for someone they’re considering banking their season on should be be a starter? Obviously if other teams pursue him as a starter, he’ll go there no question! But are other teams really interested in making him a starter? I don’t think so. With an injury list that long, Pennington might not have many real options. Pennington has always wanted to become a coach and coaching someone like Sanchez might be a real first step down that road.

I’m not saying it’s 100% that Pennington will be a Jet in 2010, but I do think that the Jets would be crazy to not pursue him. He’d be the perfect complementary backup to this team, no matter how things ended in 2008.