Link: Phil Mushnick Rips Jets PSL Sales

Phil Mushnick does not go easy today on the Jets and what is titled in the Post as a “PSL Scam.” Using the indictment of former mortgage financier David Findel as a springboard, in brief Mushnick claims that the Jets have tried to pump up the market for something that isn’t all that attractive to most fans in the first place.

Following the indictment, the Jets said they’re no longer associated with [Findel]. They wouldn’t say whether Findel had paid for his seats, but let’s all take a wild guess.

Yet, since October and right up to this week’s indictment, if you wanted to consider buying Jets PSLs, the team would have allowed you to further consider that a wealthy businessman already had spent $400,000 for just two PSLs. So hurry, hurry, step right up, we’ll sell your four at half the price!

For the record, we’ve never been much of a fan of the concept of PSLs, and in the midst of an economic meltdown, it seems that most of you agree with us. I love the Jets, but this whole PSL thing has been an ugly process driving a wedge between fans and the organization. While you’re paying a license for a seat, someone else is doing the same thing for Giants games. More than anything, it’s allowed the owners to pay less for something that they could ottherwise afford, but they’d rather have you pay for. Imagine you needed a new couch and you charged your friends $10 for the privelege for them to come over to your house and sit on your couch eight times a year … to me it’s the same thing.