McElroy Sits Out Practice With Concussion — OUT Against Bills

Brian Bassett ,

The Jets announced today that Greg McElroy won’t be suiting up for the Jets this week due to a concussion Mac sustained during the course of the Chargers game.

So who does this mean will be starting this weekend against the Bills?

You can’t make it up … but of course … it’s Mark Sanchez.

Step Slow — McElroy looked confounded last week and something seemed wrong the more the game went on.  Late in the game the second year QB’s head was down, he was shuffling around the pocket and his reads were too slow.  It was hard to tell though whether it was just a young quarterback dealing with a game moving too fast or something worse.  McElroy might not be a fireballer or a worldbeater, but in the back of my mind it occurred to me that something might be wrong … now hearing the news confirmed what I couldn’t put a finger on but saw Sunday.  How did the Jets not know something was going on with him – they’ve seen him practice, right?  It’s hard to blame McElroy for not saying anything — this might be his one chance — but didn’t anyone who knows him (far better than I do) not notice something was amiss?

Everyone Hates Tim Tebow — At least on the Jets coaching staff.  Tebow might be a lot of things, but this decision is the first absolute proof to me that the Jets will have nothing to do with Tebow after this season ends and probably spells the end for Mike Tannenbaum. The Jets will try and trade him and if there’s no takers, cut him before the new league year begins.  The team had a last minute chance to rethink their quarterback decision over the final two games after the way McElroy played (even if he was injured) last week.  An opportunity to see what Tebow might deliver to the organization next year and they’ve decided against it.  I’m no Tebow wonk, but “squandered” is the word that comes to mind.

Redemption for Sanchez? — Good luck to you Mark, but I’ve already mentally checked out.  Sanchez will most likely be on this team next year and be given the chance to “compete” for his job.  No matter what one thinks of Sanchez, he is the most overvalued quarterback in the league.  It’s hard to blame him for it, but he lives and moves in a world that he doesn’t deserve to be in – and that rankles Jets fans to no end.  This is one last opportunity for Mark to put some not fecally infused film together as he goes into the offseason looking for another shot.  If anything I hope it gives some team of suckers hope enough to look past the total trainwreck he’s been for this organization.  The fact that the Jets coaches and front office are like dogs returning to their own vomit is driving me slowly but ever increasingly insane.

Just a Few Days More — I know fans who have written me recently asking if they were bad fans because they just wanted this season to be over and while they had always been supportive of this organization that they were too fatigued with the nonsense of this team to get behind them the rest of the season.  I’ve told them that they’re not wrong or bad, that it’s totally a reasonable response.  Personally, I am praying for the sweet sweet release from the grip of this terrible season and all today’s news did was make the next few days that much more unbearable.  Credit the Jets coaching staff for sticking to their guns, for their dogged refusal to use Tebow as a backup, but it doesn’t mean I have to like the way that the organization is being run.  Fans and the team took exception to the slights about this team earlier in the year … that it was a circus … I’m not so sure I’d disagree right now with that (a then albeit premature) assessment at this moment in time.