More Details on Mangini's Hiring in Cleveland

Some more information on who former Jets Head Coach will be taking with him to Cleveland:

Mangini will hire Jets quarterbacks coach Brian Daboll, whose contract is expiring, as his offensive coordinator, league sources told Smith.

For the position of defensive coordinator, sources told Smith that Mangini will bring aboard Raiders defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, whose contract with Oakland also is up. Also that Mangini and former Browns coach Romeo Crennel, fired after the team went 4-12 this season, discussed the possibility of Crennel returning to work with Mangini but decided it best to both go in a different direction.

Daboll’s leaving was a move that was in the cards all along. Friends from their time together in New England, adding Daboll to the staff in 2007 was one where he was pegged to succeed Brian Schottenheimer should he step out to another team. Rob Ryan and Mangini were also friends from NE and Ryan could have been the Jets DC last offseason, but Al Davis barred the move and now that his contract is up, he’s rightfully looking to get out of Oakland as fast as he can.

I’m not sure what we’ll see from the new Mangbrownies (no pressure? bland offense?), so we’ll see how it goes … but how symmetrical and typical for the Jets could this end up being? It’s potentially nightmare fuel.

Symmetrical in that he started in the NFL with the Browns, symmetrical in that it was Belichick’s first head coaching gig … typical in that it would be the Jets in that three team love triangle that would be the ones left bereft and alone. We’ll see how it goes from here, but Mangini has had to learn some lessons from his days in New York and be a better coach for it.

It’s exactly what I feared most from the day that he was hired.