Nawrocki Gets in Another Hatchet Job on Draft’s Top African-American QB

Brian Bassett ,

In his third year straight, Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly has ripped one of the top quarterbacks in the draft class and for the third year straight, the quarterback is of African-American descent.  What’s so odious about it, is that it comes on the same page where Matt Barkley, a much inferior prospect is seemingly given every benefit of the doubt.


I’m no Geno Smith apologist, but Nawrocki’s previous complaints about Cam Newton and RG3 seem to have missed the mark.  So maybe I’m more disposed to drafting Smith, solely based on Nawrocki’s terrible evaluations?

There’s a lot better writers who have already weighed in on the subject and I will let them editorialize further.

Oh and Teddy Bridgewater?  Watch your ass next year.

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