News: Derrick Blaylock and Bobby Hamilton Waived

Derrick Blaylock and Bobby Hamilton were both waived by the Jets yesterday. I have to say that the Blaylock move was completely expected, but the Hamilton move did suprise me somewhat.

As far as Blaylock, after the first few games of the season and with four active running backs the Jets went away from Blaylock for a few reasons most notably that he wasn’t productive and he was terrible in pass coverage.

As far as Hamilton, it seems to be a move that prohibits the Jets from releasing Kimo von Oelhoffen … or at least the to relegate him into a backup role on money that would otherwise be burned. After the report the other day about Kimo’s imminent departure it’s hard to know what to expect. Andrew Gross addresses this on Jets Journal by writing

while all reports are that fellow veteran defensive end Kimo von Oelhoffen will be released by Saturday, a source close to the situation told me the exact oppositve yesterday. That not only does von Oelhoffen want to stay with the Jets, the Jets want him to return and not even under a restructured contract.

On this, I am inclined to lean towards Andrew Gross’ source over Rich Cimini’s, as it seems more in keeping with the team and they like his “leadership qualities” blah blah blah. I still think keeping Kimo is a mistake, but I think that keeping him as a starter is the biggest mistake, so hopefully the open roster spot that Hamilton’s departure opens will be for the starter. As long as he is off the field more than he is on it, I will be a happy camper.

If you are keeping track at home, I think this now puts the Jets right around $25 million under the cap.