News: Tavon Austin to Visit the Jets

Right now, NFL teams around the country are bringing in prospects (predominantly early picks) that might be available when they select. While Tavon Austin was a borderline first rounder heading into the draft process, he has become a very interesting prospect and it seems to have turned into a matter of how high he might be selected. ┬áSo with the Jets holding the 9th pick (which seemed like it was on the front end of his range) and now the potential that they might also get the 13th pick, it’s no surprise that the team is going to bring in Tavon Austin for a visit.

Brian Bassett,

It is a thought-provoking development. We wrote about Austin as a possibility for the Jets in this post, so read more about him there.

Austin is an electric prospect and has a Percy Harvin / DeSean Jackson quality to him. There are concerns about his size/durability, but he would be a player who would be an incredible playmaker when he gets his hands on the ball in space.


It's early and the preseason doesn't matter all that much but I still have some of the same concerns I had after this year's draft and free agency.

This year is setting up for another season of Tom and Reese excuses where they use injuries as a primary reason for the teams mediocrity. However, this is NOT the primary reason this team has falling off the last couple years. It's talent plain and simple.

In this game the right side of the line was generally out done time and time again. I actually think the rookie flowers might already be the most talented guy on the line. Many of thr big plays came on his side and his blocks. Further the defensive line lacks any punch and don't tell me it's because of Ayers give me a break.

Like I said months ago besides the receivers and our QB we seriously lack for top tier talent. Reese waited far too long to upgrade the offense line and then refused to pay guys who ultimately left the defensive line and then didn't replace that talent fast enough. REESE Also Stuck Out on far Too many Draft Picks.