News: Torry Holt to NY Not in the Plans?

Rich Cimini put on his investigator hat and dug up some some information regarding the Jets’ plans and where Torry Holt fits. According to his discovery, Holt doesn’t.

With rampant speculation about a possible Holt-to-the-Jets move, I did some additional digging and learned the Jets have zero interest in the Rams’ soon-to-be-jettisoned wide receiver. None. Zip. Nada.

Oh, well, so much for that possibility. Holt-to-the-Jets seemed to make some sense, and I totally endorsed it yesterday in a blog post.

I’m not saying I don’t trust Cimini or his sources, but given last year’s pursuit for Favre, I wouldn’t be so quick to put anything to bed with this team. Especially when it comes to past-their-prime veterans who made their careers elsewhere.

There are plenty of reasons why Torry Holt would make sense, but there are even more reasons to pass him up. The main one, of course, being his age. We’re trying to upgrade the Laveranues Coles void, not fill it with an older, stop-gap receiver. 2008 was a wash in St. Louis, but that doesn’t change Holt’s age (33 in June) or the fact that he’s coming off his worst season since his rookie year.