NFLPA Collegiate Bowl 2013: Jordan Rodgers

jordan-rodgersJordan Rodgers
Quarterback – Vanderbilt
6’1″ 212 pounds

Scouting Report: A little short for a quarterback, Rodgers has a smooth, quick release and a nice throwing motion. Rodgers has some maneuverability and can be quick and athletic when need be, and is able to throw with anticipation of his receivers.  According to scouts, Rodgers looked fluid and natural during practices but there were some concerns about his footwork and balance and that can lead to consistency issues.  Rodgers was by far the most vocal of all the quarterbacks and possesses natural leadership.

Notes:  Rodgers completed 59.9 percent of his passes for 2,539 yards and 15 touchdowns and only five interceptions as he led the Commodores to a 9-4 overall record as well as a 5-3 record in the SEC.  However, the Collegiate Bowl didn’t go so well as his team was blown out, 34-0.  Rodgers was consistently under pressure and rolling right during many of his dropbacks, but  completed 8 of 11 passes for 87 yards and no turnovers on a team that had five in the course of the game.  Rodgers can be accurate, but also wasn’t deterred by pressure. About Rodgers, Todd McShay wrote that “the more I study him, the more I like him.”  Bill Polian too was impressed by what he saw from Rodgers on the ESPN broadcast.  Rodgers performance and his intensive work at Velocity Sports in Southern California might end up earning him a trip to the Indianapolis Combine and some higher draft recognition.


Wow haha I've been so busy yelling at Reese for his moves that I really have not even thought about the draft much.

I'll make it simple this time around. For those who know me on this blog you probably know I would want the Giants to take a OT with the first pick. However, looking at the prospects there does not seem to be a guy like the previous years who is worth the 9 th pick possibly Scherff. So for now here is what I think Reese will do and what I would do:


1.Cooper. 2. White 3. Ray 4. Gregory

Reese likes splash and if he could get his hands on any of these 4 that's what he may do.


1. Shelton. 2. Armstead. 3. Scherff

What I hope is that Reese will address the lines either the defensive line or the offensive line. Shelton is a beast and Armstead is a monster. Scherff is exactly thr type of run blocking mauled the Giants need.

However, fans may get there wish this year with the Giants taking a linebacker in the first because I see a lot of tweener Leo type guys at the top of the draft. Gregory, Ray, Beasley good edge rushers who might be more linebacker then DE.


See this is absurdity of the Giants logic. They are willing to let their Franchise QB the guy who actually won those SB'S flop in the wind without a contract extension but Tom who has failed time and time again he gets an extension because they don't want a lame duck. 0


seen this?....a commenter to Graz's article on about the Giants comfortable letting Eli play out his contract - Eli makes the Giants wheel turn......


 This is once again nothing more than Dan Graz trying to come up with something to talk about for the talking heads on ESPN and the NFL Network. Not only is this entire article pointless, it is in complete opposition to what Mara said a couple weeks back about keeping Eli a Giant forever. This is nothing more than stirring the pot for March and April NFL stories.

And on a side note to all you Eli haters out there, not only should Eli get more money than Big Ben, the Giants should be happy to give it to him. What QB in the NFL has done more with less offensive talent than Eli has had since 2004? Where are the Hall of Fame linemen that blocked for him? What leading rusher carried the Giants through the playoffs? Where are the Hall of Fame Receivers and Tight Ends that Eli got throw to? Can you name one?

Wanna play a fun game haters? Who's the only QB other than Brady to win multiple Super Bowl MVP's since 2004? Who's the guy that has played on the road in the playoffs and won twice in Lambeau, once in San Fran, and in Dallas? Who's the only QB that hasn't played with a wide receiver for more than 5 full consecutive seasons other than Ani Toomer ( love the guy but hardly Canton bound) and still won still 2 Super Bowls?

So yeah, Eli may throw picks, he may look stupid, but when counts he's the only guy that beat Brady 2X he beat Favre and Rodgers, he be the San Fran defense, he beat Romo and he's done it with a lot less in 11 years.


Eli makes the Giants wheel turn........surround him with more weapons and he will play younger and longer in McAdoo's fast-paced system......that's how you address his 'age issue' which, I think is a little premature - give him a top-3 WR at # 9 and a beast RB at # 40......Eli carries the team ......I believe he has another SB Trophy in him.......IMO, the WR & RB positions are very thin.......OBJ, DeVante Parker, Cruz,(if healthy) Randall (when he shows up), Tevin Coleman or Ajayl, Vereen, Andre Williams, Orleans Darkwa (who I like), 30 year old Jennings(if healthy) with Hynoski  blocking.....the TE's don't scare anyone.......the other areas of need on the team can be addressed from Rd 3 and the undrafted pool of players .....IMO, at this point in Eli's career and picking at #'s 9 and 40, WR and RB and go from there......those are BPA and Need picks.....picks that will make Eli more dangerous and younger because the passing/running yards and TD results will be a younger QB......

Paul Cole
Paul Cole

patience and lets see if eli continues to cut down on his turnover rate, is this because of him or the new oc and his philosophy of a higher % passing game, i say the latter.

we have the wr's (miracle catches), more the better which are a necessity for eli to be a champ level qb.


@Paul Cole

ELI needs a o-line that can run block, 4 rostered RB's, a 2 way TE and a Defense that can stop the run.

Paul Cole
Paul Cole

@Skookaloop @Paul Cole  eli has been a turnover machine and needs to start making better decisions and not having wr's bailing him out.


BTW, Mr.F--

i think the Fran Tag is Salary ( ELI 2015 = $17 M) NOT Cap Hit ( ELI 2015 $19.75)... so...

$17 M X 120% = $20.4 M or the Average of the Top 5 QB Salary's... which ever is greater.


the #1 big reason you extend ELI is because, 2X SB winning, franchise QB don't grow on tree's.

#2. Big Ben's Deal is very fair, and is a 4 year extension. $31 M guarantee.

#3. we pay ELI $19.75 M right now.

#4. if QB River hit's FA in 2016, a bidding war could break out between teams like Tampa, Titans, RedSkins, Brown, Bear's, Miami & AZ. this will up the Fran Tag.

#5. the Sal-Cap just jumped $20 M in 2 years, 2016 is predicted the same, $10 M.

#6. ELI has played every game.

#7. Mara said the plan is for ELI to retire a GIANT.

..... also in the last 9 season's, Pitt's D has HELPED Big Ben huge:

06: Pitt’s D #9, NYG’s #25
07: Pitt’s D #1, NYG’s D #7 // Spag’s
08: Pitt’s D #1, NYG’s D #5 // Spag’s
09: Pitt’s D #5, NYG’s D #13
10: Pitt’s D #2, NYG’s D #7
11: Pitt’s D #1, NYG’s D #27
12: Pitt’s D #1, NYG’s D #31
13: Pitt’s D #13, NYG’s D #8
14. Pitt’s D #18, NYG’s D29

... yes Big Ben had the luxury of the #1 D 4X !!! ELI would have 5 Rings !!!

Michael Jacoutot
Michael Jacoutot

@Skookaloop yes to extending him, but it's not necessary to give in to his agent's demands right now... it will get done


I can see a 3 yr. extension but no more....Eli needs players around him to be a good QB.