Ryan Calls Bell ‘A Complete Safety’

How good can Yeremiah Bell be fore the Jets?  While he’s not a long term answer, Kristian Dyer writes for Metro that the team is expecting good things from Bell.

At 34 years old, the general consensus is that Bell is on the downside of his career, especially with the amount of acreage he needs to cover at safety. But in each of the past four seasons, Bell has topped 100 tackles and has been a key performer for the Dolphins. In addition, he is entering just his ninth season in the NFL as he took two years off between high school and college, meaning that he doesn’t have the typical wear and tear on his body of most players in their mid-30s.

In giving Bell a rave review, Ryan called him “a complete safety — a down-in-the-box guy, a high safety, a man-cover safety and a zone-cover safety. You name it, he’s seen it and done it. He’s an outstanding blitzer, inside and outside, and he’s a natural leader.”

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

Rex Ryan loves safeties who can play in the box and back in coverage, so for him to call Bell a “complete” safety is one of the highest complements he could give a player like Bell.  We’re excited to see the unit in action in a real game, but based on how Miami fared last year against Tight Ends (10th overall via F.O.) then it’s probably going to be a good thing for the Jets.  Of course as Dyer points out at the start of his article, having Eric Smith healthy and available for spot use is going to be key for this unit.