Sanchez Doing His Best to “Block … Out” the Distractions

After a solid performance against the Colts last weekend, Mark Sanchez might feel a little respite from the heat he’s faced over the previous two weeks, but but according to Sanchez, he’s not affected by the intense scrutiny he’s been under, via National Football Post.

Sanchez also insisted that he had blocked out all the speculation and talk that his starting job was in jeopardy with Tebow waiting in the wings and the Jets struggling coming into the game.

“It’s just part of the job,” Sanchez said. “It was a victory for the team in general. As long as we’re winning, I’m happy. We just have to keep doing that and try to stay efficient. Block everything else out and just keep playing for the guys in the locker room.”

Brian Bassett,

For Sanchez, we’re sure that the win feels best of all, but that it doesn’t hurt to have the local and national media off his back for at least a week.  Ray Lucas was insistent in the SNY Postgame show that the Jets quarterback is at his best when Shonn Greene and the running game can gain some yards on the ground.  While New England has looked mortal this season, but one area in which they are playing extremely well is on defense against the run.

It’s good that Sanchez is slowly getting some chemistry with his new-look receiving corps and that they are getting healthy again, but much of the success we saw last week was predicated on establishing that running game that’s been missing all season.  Can the Jets either A) impose their will on a solid Patriots defensive line? or if not B) consistently and without mistakes gain yards through the air on the Patriots.