Thursday Junk Drawer

Brian Bassett ,

Here’s just a bunch of random things rolling around my ever increasingly vacuous brain: 

Bill Polian — Some people asked me on Twitter and in the comments why Bill Polian wasn’t part of the group of re-treads I put forward yesterday for GM.  In short, the game is getting away from Polian and he’s used to being in markets that bow and scrape to him — very unlike New York.  Polian’s recent draft history is far worse than Mike Tannenbaum’s if you can believe it.  The Colts were fortunate enough to get Peyton Manning and then nabbed a few skill position players and defenders of note to go with him … that was basically it.  I’m not at all fond of the team that Polian built in Indy.  He’d also use his cred to demand more power inside the organization … something the Jets seem averse to doing.

Jets Pro Bowl Nods — Two players were announced as Pro Bowlers for the Jets 2012 team. Ironically, it was the two players who were called on most to help this secondary out with the absence of Darrelle Revis in games due to his season ending injury.  We’re all aware that there were Jets who were snubbed this year (Ferguson, Wilkerson), but the truth of the matter is that it’s hard for the Jets fanbase and NFL fanbase at large to get jazzed about a team like the Jets were this year.  Being a playoff contender is a big part of players getting recognized and while the Jets weren’t eliminated until just a few weeks ago, the truth is that this team was knocked off the map before their bye when they lost to the Dolphins.

CB Antonio Cromartie — When Revis went down we knew Cromartie would rise to the occasion, and rise he did.  I had no idea it would be to the level of Pro Bowl player, but rose he did. That’s a testament to his play as well as the coaching staff’s trust in him.  Cromartie looked great much of the season in coverage and did a great job in attacking the run.  Credit Rex and Tannenbaum for getting — and keeping Cromartie in New York.  Cromartie’s play will give the Jets more leeway in what they do about rebuilding their roster next year.

S LaRon Landry — Since Kerry Rhodes was traded, the Jets have needed an extremely athletic player in the defensive backfield.  Landry struggled to pick up the defense in the first few games, but it came easier as the season wore on.  Landry’s presence in the secondary was a breath of fresh air to the Jets safety spot – playing like a linebacker and running like a corner.  Landry is second on the team in tackles (95), forced four fumbles, had two interceptions and even had a touchdown.  Landry proved this year that his one year deal and now Pro Bowl nod will get him the type of contract he was looking for … the question of course is whether or not it will be with the Jets.