Who’s the Commanding Officer Here? // Ain’t You?

Brian Bassett , TheJetsBlog.com

Back to work seems to be the ordre du jour today in Florham Park  … but it’s probably getting a little ♫ awk-ward!!! ♫

Everyone seems to be in a waiting mode.  We have to guess that until the GM issue gets resolved nothing else is going to change.  Here’s a list of a few thoughts today.

1. Today’s Interviews — The Jets have been busy and for the first time in this process are interviewing two candidates on the same day in Scott Cohen and Marc Ross.  No word yet on how serious the Jets are about either.

2. Rex’s Future — All indications point to the idea that Rex is staying put, contingent on the Jets hiring Gamble.  Should we know anything else relevant we’ll let you know,

3. When Will Sparano Be Fired? — Rex wants Sparano gone. It was reported more than a week ago that he would be gone.  But … he’s not gone.  He had more ties to Tannenbaum than we previously understood and Sparano didn’t do anything impressive in 2012 with the offense.  While Sparano said he wouldn’t make excuses he did by lamenting the health of his players.  For a guy who is about execution and results, neither of his were good.

4. What About Pettine? — That’s a real humdinger.  As it was reported, right as far as we know Pettine is a free agent.  His name has not made many any waves in head coaching circles, but coaches will start to assembling their staffs and he’ll start getting more calls in the coming weeks.  Especially once coaches start to get siphoned away from the dwindling playoff teams.  With that in mind, FootballScoop (a longstanding site that reports coaching news) just noted that the Bills have been in touch with the Jets about hiring Pettine as their new defensive coordinator … so this could start sooner than expected …