Bart Tries to Incite Mutiny, Fails

From the insane world of Bart Scott … he tried to get another “media mutiny” going of defensive players after the game, but it seems that Scott was put in his place by his defensive teammates.

In the first game since unnamed Jets were quoted in the Daily News ripping Tim Tebow, linebacker Bart Scott attempted to recruit his defensive teammates to boycott the media afterward, but failed to gain traction.

Following the Jets’ 27-13 win over the Rams, Scott told players across the room to respond to all questions with “both teams played hard.”

It lasted only a few minutes until linebacker Bryan Thomas and safety Yeremiah Bell both told Scott to stop. Scott, one of the best talkers on the Jets when he chooses to go on the record, eventually spoke with reporters as well.

Brian Bassett,

This is the same Bart Scott who had one assisted tackle during the game.  Bart Scott’s love/hate relationship with the media is becoming more hate/hate than anything else at this point.  It’s like he’s been chasing the high of that moment with SalPal for two years and he’s never going to get that feeling back.  We get that the Jets players are probably fed up with the media and some of the nonsense that went on last week … specifically the dubious provenance of some of the reports that came out … but that sort of a stunt in plain view of the media only makes him look silly and petulant.

The defense played a great game yesterday after the first Rams drive, and putting on a smile and answering the questions would have been being the bigger man.  The Jets have a game in three days against the Patriots.  I’m glad that Bart Scott thought better of his renewed boycott, but credit Bell and Thomas for getting him to stop the act.