Moves so Far, a Jets Free Agency Roundup

Here’s a quick recap of the moves the Jets have made in the last week and a quick blurb and link to some of what we’ve written about the matter already.


Sione Po’uha DT – Pouha was a stout run-stuffing nose for the Jets dating back to when he ascended into fulltime work in 2008.  Pouha was well respected and was widely considered one of the team’s leaders by players.  Issues with back injuries in 2012 and a large cap figure for 2013 made it hard to keep him on.  The Jets saved $3.8 million in cap space through the move.  Link


FB Lex Hilliard RB – The Jets must be trying to cover their bases at the fullback spot, but Hilliard didn’t grade out all that well in 2012 with the Jets.  He was familiar with Sparano’s system, but still seemed to struggle with execution. 

goodsonMike Goodson RB – Apparently the Jets front office saw Goodson as one of the sleepers in this free agent class and signed him to a three year deal because of it.  Goodson is known for an excellent burst and second gear in pulling away from defenders, but can be much more of a East/West style of runner.  Still his style might be a suitable complement to Powell’s and Goodson could be the deep threat on any given play. Link

Willie Colon G  – Colon is a formidible player and has responded well to playing guard and is projected to start with the Jets in 2013.  But, Colon has had a tough time staying healthy over the last three years with the Steelers that it’s going to be hard to know exactly what to expect from him Colon, other that we can expect his backup to see some time on the field as a starter.   Link

Nick Folk K  – Folk has had some ups and downs with the Jets and his return indicates to me that there were no other offers on the table and the team wanted him locked up the sooner the better for the 2013 season.

Antonio Garay DT  – Garay is known for his ability to bring interior pressure to the pocket, but can struggle against the run at times.  For all these reasons, Garay could push Kenrick Ellis as a starter, but I’d expect that the Jets will use Ellis in running downs and then rotate in Garay on passing downs to pressure the passer.  Link

Tanner Purdum LS  – Purdum has been with the Jets for three years and has been a solid long-snapper, there was little reason to move on from him. Link

Antwan Barnes LB – Barnes has worked with Ryan before from their time together in Baltimore and will be a great pressure package OLB for the Jets at a minimum.   Barnes is good at eluding blockers and had 11 sacks in 16 games played (just five starts) in 2011 but had only three sacks in 2012.  Expecting Barnes to create 11 sacks seems like a tall order for the 2013 Jets, but he should be able to provide some disruption on passing downs at the least. Link