A look at the 2014 Jets cap spending – offense

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

Thanks to the positional spending pages at OverTheCap.com, here’s a quick view at what the distribution of the Jets 2014 projected salary cap looks like graphically.

Taking the positional spending dollar amounts from all 32 teams, I picked the 2013 median value (grey), since the 2013 cap is all but done it gives us a fuller view as to how the NFL has just spent their money in the past season.  Then I compared that to how the Jets currently match up (darker green) for 2014.  Ah, but what about where there are pending cuts at a given position to free up cap space?  I added those new projections (lighter green) where appropriate.

In summary, here’s a few thoughts:

  • The Jets are already expected to overspend the league average at the offensive line position and still need to sign Austin Howard as well as their 2014 right guard.   It starts to make sense why the Jets are looking towards some developmental prospects in coming years between Winters, Aboushi and Campbell.  Still, the Jets are going to have to consider if any of those players are truly ready to play in 2014.
  • Hacking off Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes will make a huge difference in pushing the Jets from being an overspending (and woefully under-producing) unit to a much leaner group and free up lots of money to spend at one or both of those spots.
  • The Jets can easily sign Jeff Cumberland and perhaps even another veteran tight end to round out this unit, if they so wish, and still be well under the league averages in terms of cap allocations to the tight end spot.

chart_1 (5)


D-brick=11mil+and Mangold 7.2 mil. I guessing Howard may be 6mil.=24mil. suggesting we need to find good guards on the cheap who can play. "If Winters"  I want to say this again "IF Winters". Plays good this upcoming season. That will help. He should get better! getting Colon back is a good idea. We should.

So the Elephant in the room is the offensive line, not being able to match up with really good defenses last year. again the unconcern it seems no one is talking about. Maybe adding Zack Martin with the 1st pic a guy who can play guard or tackle at the next level plug in right away may be like adding a Sheldon Richardson on the defense which may change the dynamics of the offensive line. couldn't hurt being that Colon is injury prone. I'm just saying.

Great receivers and a good TE will also change the Dynamics of the Jets offense. by Geno executing and keeping defenses honest. Not to mention winning close games.

My thoughts on this article where BB "begs the question" in regards to Winters. Aboushi and Campbell is a brilliant one. Did the Jets upper management get this right, will see. and when will these guys be ready to play?

Paying for good receivers and going cheap on TE in the offensive budget may not be a bad idea.

I think this is a brilliant article by BB. It really begs the question.

Disgruntled Jets Fan
Disgruntled Jets Fan

For all the cries of the jets neglecting the offense, looks like it's overpaid.


@a57se  Agreed 57, We need pass protection at least two notches up, and we need depth. Brick and Mangold are even showing their age...

Hoping to see this all dealt with well during our FA and draft...