Audible: Round Eight

The seventh round is winding down now, with just the last few compensatory selections to be made. These, of course, cannot be traded, so that means the draft is over for yet another year for the Jets.

Don’t throw out those draft guides just yet, because there’s still work to be done. The signing of undrafted free agents has landed the Jets such players as Mike DeVito, Brandon Moore and Danny Woodhead in the past, so its importance should not be overlooked. Bart Scott and Jim Leonhard were also undrafted free agents.  The Jets picked up Donnie Fletcher and Damon Harrison in round eight last year and both ended up on the active roster by the end of the season.

Anybody not selected can be picked up as an undrafted free agent, so the Jets will be working the phones for the next few days. Some teams feel the Jets and Giants usually have an advantage because of all the potential draft picks physically in the New York area during draft time.

So, were there any guys that went undrafted that you would like the Jets to bring aboard? Post your suggestions in the comments, together with any rumors or reports about actual UDFA pickups.

Stay tuned to TJB tonight where Weeks will be updating his UDFA tracker with details of any signings.  Also, follow TheJetsBlog’s Jake Steinberg here because he often gets wind of these before anyone else.