Bills release Brad Smith

The Buffalo Bills have released ex-Jet Brad Smith from injured reserve (La Canfora, Nov. 8).

Brian Bassett,

The addition of Josh Cribbs to the roster looks like it might preclude any interest on the Jets part at adding Brad Smith. ¬†Smith was at his best for the Jets not as a pass-catcher, but as a Wildcat player and special teamer. ¬†Should something happen to the Jets current kick returner, then the Jets might inquire about Smith’s availability, but I would not expect anything to happen between the Bills game with the likelihood that Holmes will be back along with Kellen Winslow.

Juan Pablo Granda
Juan Pablo Granda

They released him from Injured Reserved so he is not 100 percent. We have Josh Cribbs running that special teams wildcat that brad used to do, so we're alright right now.