Buzz: 2013 Cap to be $123M? (Update: Or Even $124M?)

This would be over a million more than expected. Hardly the kind of money to make a major difference, but every little helps. The Jets should currently be just over $8m under the adjusted cap.


Mort’s sources have a slightly higher number:

This would put the Jets just over $9m under the cap.


JPP is a huge problem that the front office has mis managed.

JPP not worth the $14.8 Fran Tag and the FO know's it.

The $14.8 M would have been better spent by spreading the risk around on  3 or 4 FA's.

a average 2015 season for JPP, will set the NYG's back 2 years, just very risky.

the good news is, Wynn, Moore & OO will get much needed reps.


@Skookaloop I agree 100%........he should have come in and did his best to have a monster his relationships with the team.....the JPP of 2011 is no longer around.....Strahan was in his final year as a player and still had all-pro talent.....

the 2011 Cruz may also be gone......