Buzz: Hold That Thought …

Brian Bassett ,

The article about the Jets having 2-3 potential suitors for Revis is creating a stir today.  According to two media members with ties to the Falcons and Niners, the interest in Revis from either team might be overblown.  Or maybe now those teams are seeking damage control … or maybe it’s something cool I don’t even know about, you know? …

First up, Mort shoots down the Niners.

This is something that we’ve already heard last week once Smith was traded from the Niners and seems to be playing out again.

And this from the AJC’s D. Orlando Ledbetter.

When teams are involved in trade talks, it’s to their advantage to make the other party believe that there’s a third-party bidder.

That, apparently, is what’s going on between the Jets and 49ers. The Falcons, who can’t fit Darrelle Revis under the salary cap, have been dragged into the fray.

Suffice it to say, Revis Island is not relocating to Lake Lanier.

Two separate reports from two other reporters connected to two of the named organizations in the article.

Mort uses a direct quote from a non-ambiguously titled source (albeit anonymous) within the Niners. Meanwhile, Ledbetter uses ECON101 principles of limited means to explain why the Falcons can’t and won’t be interested.

Still, I’m not going to conclude that the Falcons or Niners are or are not interested in Revis.  If anything made me raise my eyebrows of the initial report, it has to be the ubiquitous mystery “third team” … that’s an age-old trope for agents of any sport.

Good salespeople know that to be effective, they need to create urgency.  In the end, some insider is looking to create urgency around the Revis story-line, but the question (and then associated conclusion) is … why?

Welp … maybe NOW the Jets can go out and get Nnamdi Asomougha?