Buzz: Jets to Hire Graves? (Update: And Ruskell?)

After the moves earlier this morning, attention now turns to who John Idzik might bring in to work with him in the front office. One candidate has emerged already:

The two worked together from 2001 to 2004 in Arizona. Here’s a Brian Costello story from shortly after Idzik was hired by the Jets where Graves talks about him in glowing terms:

“He’s probably one of the brightest guys I’ve ever worked with in terms of dealing with rosters and players and the finance behind player salaries and so forth,” Graves said. “He’s very well organized. I think he does a great job at future projections and roster management for making decisions today that will allow for flexibility down the road.He’s very good at that.”

UPDATE 11am:

Another name being speculated on…

Ruskell is another guy with a wealth of experience and a connection to Idzik, who he worked with both in Tampa and Seattle, where he was the President of Football Operations until 2009.

Brian Bassett,

Ruskell and Graves are both very experienced in their fields and will likely jump at the chance to join the Jets.  If I had to guess who ends up with what role, I’d imagine that Graves takes the more operational role while Ruskell takes the more evaluative one.  Like most, Ruskell has a up and down record with the draft — you can see his work in Seattle here — including some total home runs and a few flameouts like Aaron Curry.  After that Ruskell worked for Jerry Angelo in Chicago, and had a decent draft group a few years ago.