Coples to Move Into New Role as OLB?

Going into the 2013 NFL Draft, the Jets seemed to have the 3-4 defensive end spot squared away, but with the addition of Sheldon Richardson last Thursday night, some other moves were going to have to be made and according to Rex Ryan himself, it might include standing up Quinton Coples.

Ryan, on a conference call with fans, said there is a possibility that drafting Sheldon Richardson could knock Quinton Coples out to an edge rusher position. Ryan worked Coples out as an outside linebacker at the combine in 2012.

Brian Bassett,

This is something that Bent already wrote an article about over the weekend … a MUST READ if you want to learn more about the specifics.

Richardson can be an impact player up front and his flexibility to move around has him likened to an extremely athletic, quick and versatile Mike DeVito … not too shabby.

This is something that we’d heard rumors about after the team drafted Richardson, that Coples would take on a a role as an OLB.  If this is the case, then the competition just got a lot more interesting.  Coples seemed to be figuring out how best to play his spot last year and so there is some risk in this.  That said, Coples power against the run and pass along with his ability to move laterally will make him an intimidating option as a stand up player.  He might be forced to lose some weight to be a little more agile … but we’ll see what the Jets do and how he responds.  Coples also needs to refine his pass rush techniques as he’ll be squaring off more regularly against tackles in his new role …  good thing Rex and Karl Dunbar will be able to help him out.

In the end, it’s Rex Ryan’s job to use the tools he’s been given to best win games.  One way or another, the defensive front is going to be fearsome no matter where these three line up.