Corrections on the Chris Ivory Contract

Updating a previous reported item, Rich Cimini got to the bottom of the numbers on the Chris Ivory contract and it’s total value.

Turns out that RB Chris Ivory signed a three-year, $6 million contract, including a $2.25 million signing bonus. His cap number this year will be $1.5 million. RG Stephen Peterman signed a one-year, $905,000 contract, including a $65,000 signing bonus.

Brian Bassett,

Hey, all the better.  I thought that three million a season seemed a little steep based on what the team agreed with Goodson, but based on the fact that they were trading for him, it seemed a little more reasonable.  Still, if the Jets have more cap room, then it leaves them that much more space to sign another veteran minimum contract or the like.  The team still has some holes it needs to fill, so every million will make a difference as the team looks to upgrade the roster in the lead-up to training camp.
As far as the Peterman contract, we heard that there was talk about a deal weeks earlier but that it was held up over the bonus coming as a roster or a signing bonus.  The player wanted the signing bonus and after not grabbing a guard in the first few rounds of the draft, the team made the change.  In the same way that David Garrard might be an “upside” option for the roster, we feel the same way with Peterman.  If he shows well in camp, all the better, if he doesn’t, then all that is lost is the signing bonus.  The Jets’ reluctance to give the signing bonus along with their line-heavy end of the draft might be an indication of Peterman’s bubble status for September.