Could D’Brickashaw Ferguson & Willie Colon be suspended next week?

brick-fightIn the Jets 13-10 loss to the Patriots, a scuffle started near the end of the game after Geno’s third interception.  Rather than go down, Patriots CB Aqib Talib danced around on the field too much, and Nick Mangold ended up making a late hit on Talib near the Patriots bench. It got heated between the Jets and Patriots.

As the incident escalated, Willie Colon and D’Brickashaw Ferguson got in the middle of it.  Brick threw a punch and Colon inadvertently knocked down a ref, resulting in both their ejections from the game.

Brian Bassett,

Ejections in the NFL stem from “flagrant” fouls of any nature, and according to the refs, this was enough to get them sent out of the game.  In extremely serious circumstances, the NFL can tack on another game suspension to ejected players when they deem it appropriate.  While an ejection It’s not an automatic suspension, more might come of this for the Jets players in question.

First, the Jets might end up getting fined for their involvement in the fight.  Second would be possible suspension.  It’s hard to say whether they might get suspended, so we’ll have to stay tuned and see, but of the two infractions. Brick’s punch seems more likely to cause trouble since it was not accidental, as Willie Colon’s bumping the ref was.

Either way, the Jets can ill-afford to lose either player to suspension with a divisional matchup next week against the Bills … stay tuned …