Daily Links: Free-ding frenzy

NFL: New York Jets at Atlanta Falcons

In case you were actually having fun on Friday night, here’s some of what took place on the eve of the negotiation period last night during free agency:

  • The Jets might be interested in Jermichael Finley.  Add talent wherever you can! [TheJetsBlog]
  • The Jets are definitely interested in Jeff Cumberland, who was re-signed to a three year deal. Continuity with upside. [TheJetsBlog]
  • Henne re-signed in Jacksonville.  Take the Jaguars off the table as a landing spot for Vick. [ESPN]
  • DeMarcus Ware was asked by the cash strapped Cowboys to take a cut … ah, but will he? [RapSheet]
  • Saints WR Lance Moore is being released, in addition to RB Darren Sproles. Guess Brees will have only one target in New Orleans … [NFL & ESPN]

Bernard Mclaughlin
Bernard Mclaughlin

@jake100 hell be 31 and a few months when the season starts . if he'll take a veterans minimum with no guarantee I'd give him a shot at making the team...maybe. But frankly I'd rather see if Goodsen can come back strong



Sproles is a change of pace RB,  and probably the best at what he does.   He is not a featured or every down back.  If your primary RB (Ivory) goes down,  you put in his backup which is currently Powell.  Bilal is going to have some competition this year I would think to remain Ivory's backup.