Daily Links: Merry Christmas


  • Ryan Says Tebow Would Have Done Wildcat if Asked [NY Times]
  • Playing-time analysis: Defense [ESPN NY]
  • Some Naughty, Some Nice for the Holidays [NY Jets]
  • Braylon Edwards thanks Jets Fans [Jets Twit]
  • Merril Hoge on Tim Tebow: “He’s as phony as a three dollar bill” [Video] [The Big Lead]
  • Bills will start Fitzpatrick vs. Jets [WGR 550]
  • The Jets’ Season Is Almost Over, Thank Heavens [NY Magazine]
  • Jets already looking at new general manager [NJ]


It's not even a debate! One team has a QB and the other does not! 


I was just forced to sit through a 30 second commercial for 20 seconds of audio where one guy says "the Giants have a QB" and the other says " the Jets have cap room"..and then another commercial.

Are you joking?