Daily Links: The award goes to …

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  • Idzik looking to build success like he has elsewhere. [Star-Ledger]
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  • John Idzik is wishing his old team well. [NewYorkJets]
  • The Jets family was proud of Sheldon’s award. [NewYorkJets]

From today's NY Post actual "reporting" on our Jets.  They caught up with idzik and asked what's going on:

"Idzik said the Jets front office and coaches have been meeting, preparing for the 2014 Draft and offseason.

“We’ve kind of put a stamp on 2013,” Idzik said. “We take our time evaluating that player by player and really staff member by staff member. We went through it pretty thoroughly the last couple of weeks, just tied that up. We overlapped that with a little bit of draft 

prep. The college scouts will be coming in soon. We’ll delve back into that. In tandem with that, we’re obviously getting ready for free agency, our own guys that are up, their contracts are up, we’ll be paying attention to them. There’s a lot of sticks in the fire right now.”

OK, not speculation, not conjecture, just the facts.


@jaygo  Idzik has trained the Post well, it seems. 

You behave and you get a treat, like a legitimate update on the state of the team.